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Quality assurance

We are certified according to IATF 16949:2016 and ISO 14001 standards, so we meet today’s highest quality management standards.

Through creativity, dynamism and outstanding commitment to the development of our manufacturing processes, the Kauffmann Group has established itself as a market leader in several segments over the past 50 years. Continuous innovative development, combined with extensive experience, has resulted in a wide range of production and sales for KSH Rugógyár. To improve our market position even further, it is essential to have an effective quality policy, the main lines of which are:

Quality-oriented thinking

The success of our company is based on the high quality of our products. It is not enough to meet the expectations set by the standards, but we must ensure our customers’ satisfaction by recognising the real needs of our customers, based on the “fit for function” principle.


Customer-orientated approach

Our corporate mindset is defined by our ambition to always be an available, flexible and reliable “partner of excellence” for our customers. The management of KSH Rugógyár is fully committed to meeting the quality requirements expected by its customers and to the coordinated implementation of the related quality-related activities.


Process-oriented approach

The Quality Management System is made up of interlinked processes. The process-oriented approach is applied in the organisation by emphasising resource management, continuous measurement and evaluation, regular review of processes, management of deviations, as well as the implementation and follow-up of corrective actions.


Continuous improvement

In order to continuously improve quality, all departments and plants of KSH Rugógyár must continuously improve the core production process and the supporting processes. In this work, our basic principle is the “zero defect strategy”, i.e. to prevent defects from occurring by eliminating the root causes.

Quality orientation of employees

Based on these high standards, all employees of KSH Rugógyár must actively participate in the implementation of quality improvement measures and comply with the instructions. All employees are responsible for the quality of the work they do.


Management commitment

The management of KSH Rugógyár takes an active role in ensuring that quality targets are met through the commitments of employees. To this end, the management continuously coordinates their strategies, policies, processes and resources.


Evidence-based decision-making

Decision-making is a complex process and can often involve some uncertainty, so it is important for the management of KSH Rugógyár to explore the real cause and effect relationships. The analysis of facts, evidence and data leads to greater objectivity in decision-making and greater confidence in the decisions taken.


Active partnerships

We have good relationships with all relevant suppliers, organisations and government agencies to ensure long-term success. Our ability to create value grows through mutually beneficial relationships. We seek to establish partnerships that support joint development activities and the sharing of knowledge, risks and benefits.

IATF 16949:2016

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015