Let’s plan something great together!

Thinking together with our Customers, we are effectively involved in any design process, our main principle is “fit for function” & fit for manufacturing”. As a result of joint planning, there will no longer be a question mark over our project during the sample production process!

Regardless of the volume of series production, we offer an optimum solution tailored to the order for every application area. We accompany our partners from the very first design sketch to the finished product, throughout the entire product lifecycle. With over 50 years of experience, we ensure that our customers benefit from working with us in both small series and mass production! We maintain the high quality and competitiveness of our products through continuous improvement. The new, high-quality materials, modern manufacturing technologies, innovative surface treatments and know-how used in our competitive sports projects give us a decisive advantage.

High-tech technical solutions at competitive prices

Personalised cost-effective production

Outstanding security of supply

High flexibility

Logistical advantages

Effective project management

Where possible, we are involved in our customers’ developments during product development, ensuring that we design optimal, cost-effective production technology for our partners, that is fully adapted to their needs.
Our project managers have excellent communication skills in German and English and are in constant contact with our customers throughout the project phase.
We carefully plan our production processes and test and sample our products according to customer requirements before starting mass production.

Scalable production

We are able to offer truly competitive and flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers, whether small, medium or large series.

In the last period, in order to offer more added value, we can also offer our partners the production of preassembled products!

Professional logistics solutions

We ship directly from Nyúl to 4 continents around the world, using various modes of transport. Whether it is road, air or sea transport, our logistics team will arrange for your product to arrive safely and on time.

Manufacturing transparency and safety

Transparency and traceability are key elements in the design of our manufacturing processes, as well as manufacturing and procurement redundancy for security.

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