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KSH Rugógyár Bt, a Hungarian member of the Kurt Kauffmann Technische Federn Group, is a German family-owned group of companies. Kauffmann Technische Federn is a renowned international expert in the development and production of high-quality technical springs, bent and pressed components – with over 50 years of experience.

Our production facilities are located in the Stuttgart area in Germany and in the industrial park in the village of Nyúl, near Győr in Hungary. Our customers include the largest automotive OEMs as well as TIER1 and TIER2 suppliers. Our client base includes more than 100 partners, including some of the best-known buyers such as Daimler and Continental. We also develop and supply springs for the racing and aerospace industries. We are suppliers to manufacturers in Europe, the US, Asia and Australia.

Brief history of KSH Rugógyár Bt.

1996    Production starts in Hungary

2000    Expansion of production in Hungary, new plant in Győr

2004    Implementation of EN ISO 9001 at the Hungarian site

2006   The Hungarian factory obtains ISO/TS 16949:2002 certification.

2007   Start of large-scale production of compression and extention springs

2010   Start of mass production of torsion and tension springs

2012   Expansion of the punching and bending department

2014   Handover of the new Greenfield site at Nyúl industrial park

2014   Introduction of ISO 14001:2004 KIR and obtaining the certification

2015   Start of complete assembly of Novafon SK1 and SK2 medical devices

2018    Introduction of ISO 14385:2016 quality management system supporting the manufacturing of medical devices

2018 Automotive quality management system certification according to IATF 16949:2016

2019    Technological evelopments and related investments for the production of double torsion springs

2020   Start of complete assembly of Novafon SK3 medical devices

2020    Launch of independent sales in Hungary

2021    Launch of production of pre-fitted coil springs, related developments and investments

Our aim is to identify new partners in Hungary and Eastern Europe, and to build partnerships. We plan to further expand our plant to meet the growing demand for our products.


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